Sunday, May 29, 2011

Sun-Baked Tomatoes On The Vine

To grow sun-baked tomatoes you need to have all the following:

  • Tomato fruits growing in direct sunlight
  • A particularly sunny day
  • A sudden heat-wave of windy weather in the upper 90's
This combo is critical for achieving a "boiled from within" effect in your tomatoes:


They make perfect candidates for the compost-pile!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

A Hot Harvest May 18, 2011

the gardener
The hedge to the right is, in fact, my cherry tomatoes! - All organic folks!

the garden 5/2011

Black Beauty eggplant

Celebrity tomatoes
My Celebrity Tomatoes wear panty hose to make them look less appetizing to mockingbirds - who are easily turned off by this early 90's women's underwear-accessory fashion.

Harvest 5/18/2011

Eggplant, banana peppers, TAM-1 Jalapenos, Cucumbers, and Large Red Cherry Tomatoes.