Friday, May 30, 2008

The Trip

Recently I went on a trip to the Grand Tetons in Wyoming. It was amazing, both in the beauty of the mountains and in the ridiculousness that nothing went as planned. Being home now and looking back, I find that I was having the most fun on the days I woke up not knowing where I would be sleeping that night. 
I wrote down much of what happened shorthand ("tachygraphy" for those of us in healthcare who speak greek at work) so that all the days would not seem to blend together in memory, and I want to share it here with whoever visits this site. I have kept it mostly in shorthand, and have elaborated on what that day is remembered most for. I am going to try to post them a few days at a time, the only delay being that I still await pictures from Shaun.

Until the first post I suggest doing your research on the Tetons because (in my Pa Pa's words) "there will be a test"  :)

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