Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Photolog: 3/24/2009

Think of this post as a "Photolog" of sorts...

Tomatoes are in the side garden this time, and are already off to a great start. I planted 2 heat-tolerant varieties - Valley Girl and Surefire. I wonder which will set fruit the longest? There are also 2 cherry tomatoes (Abbey's favorite!)

Here we have onions and carrots... I put them in this garden because they are both root veggies and this plot has the softest soil.

And, the big guys - Corn. I will plant beans all over this plot as soon as the corn is 6 or 7 inches tall.

Sunday, March 15, 2009


Happy or not, they come and go. (birthdays that is)

Friday, March 13, 2009

U2's new album, and why I haven't heard it

U2 have released a new album recently, and I have yet to listen to anything more than the twenty seconds or so of each song you can hear from it off of iTunes. I am a big U2 fan, I have all their albums and own at least two (for sure) live performance DVD's. I am a fan of Bono, the saint that he is, and I hope to one day see him perform live. 

So why am I not giving No Line on the Horizon a try just yet? The answer is complicated... I think I am afraid of not liking it. I am also currently going through a folk phase (you can find band names on the right side of this page) and I don't think that acoustic rhythms recorded in a shed go well with the Edge's sweet never-ending guitar delay. This new album is like that Christmas gift you are afraid to open, and I must admit - I have done some peeking, and I am generally unimpressed by what I have sampled off of iTunes. Only 30 seconds of each song, but still... I don't hear any riffs that catch me, I don't feel any emotion, I don't readily recognize any anthems.

I think I am going to ride out this folk wave I'm on, and then stick myself in a dark room one afternoon and give this new album a play through the headphones. The last thing I would want to do is judge a book by it's cover... 

If you have heard it and have an honest opinion let me know what you think.