Thursday, January 8, 2009

Travis Forney RN

Wow, that was the hardest exam of my life! The NCLEX is a "computer adaptive test" which means it figures out your competency level and weaknesses and continuously raises the bar throughout the test based on your performance. I walked into the testing center with an air of confidence, most of which was obliterated by the computer (which decided to take me all the way to question 139 before quitting). I had to remember everything from pre-menopausal teaching to celiac disease dietary restrictions, APGAR scoring, drugs and their antidotes, the list goes on. The worst part is waiting the 48 hours before you find out the results... forget trying to enjoy a meal or a movie or a good night's sleep during this time. At 48 hours to the second (0800 this morning for me) the test-taker can look online for their results. What a relief it truly is too see such a simple word.


Take that computer!

How awesome it was to get this result as I began my second day at University Hospital, where I will work as an RN in the trauma center. Wow, praise the Lord.


Anonymous said...

its like your on the matrix or something and you beat the thinking computers!! are so neo!!

congrats dude! proud of you!!!

Suzanne said...

Hurray! Congratulations, Travis. :) Must feel good.

Taylor said...

That is so freaking awesome!!!
Im not looking forward to that test at all. Maybe now we can jam...haha welcome back to the real world!!!!

congrats bro