Tuesday, July 29, 2008

New Garden

There was a tree in my backyard on Saturday morning. It was a silver maple tree that had been brought thousands of miles from its natural habitat to be cultivated and planted in developing neighborhoods. The reason being because it grows fast and helps sell houses on tree-less lots. So far removed from where it belongs, on a riverbank in Vermont, this tree got sick in our hostile Texas environment. Random dead limbs would fall in the yard after a rain storm, and dry rotten roots could be pulled up with ease. This tree had to come down.

Question: How many guys does it take to chop a tree down?

Answer: Five, including this sweaty guy.

With the much appreciated help of five friends, the tree fell with much sweat and cursing. We drank beer and celebrated around the stump that we had created. The stump was ground into nothing the next day with the help of a Mexican entrepreneur, and plans for a garden in this newly created sunny spot began to form...

The Stump Grinder

This is the first of the new raised beds that I will be building, much better looking than the cement blocks!

Welcome to my new garden!


Anonymous said...

how symbolic...sickness and death brings new life...love it.

Dixie said...


Loved your blog as I found it intersting and easy to read. Keep up the good work and let me know how you progress into fall.
You are a real Renassiance guy!


Anonymous said...

I've got some time to look at guttering Saturday afternoon. What's your day looking like?

Also, was eating out the other night at a ritzy place that was provided as a gift and ran across round carrots the size of a cherry. Go figure.

Think I'll go to Home Depot and see if they have round carrot plants. :)