Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Dr./ Nurse (Extern)

The patients arrive via ambulance and by the time they get settled in their room they have had a small army of people pushing and prodding them, removing their clothes, and quizzing them about their allergies and emergency contact information. Most of the time I am one of these people, busily striping them of their dignity and sticking monitor leads to their chest while they try to explain to every new person who walks in the door exactly what happened. 
Then the army efficiently communicates with each other using a blend of english and latin, along with some code words thrown in to completely confuse the patient. Sometimes I come back for one last question, and sometimes I don't come back at all. Sometimes I come in for the first time after everyone has gone, and this is when it usually happens: a case of mistaken identity. It happens to me a few times a day, when I walk into the room and am mistaken to be either the doctor or an RN. For a split second I appear to be one of the smartest guys in the building, and I have come to save the day. 

Only three more shifts in the ER until I begin my final semester, and 128 days until graduation. 

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