Saturday, June 21, 2008

To The Rockies: Day 9

Day 9, Monday 5/26

We woke up to the sound of rain. We decided to leave, and head further south. Having no plan as of yet, we packed the tent as quickly as we could and left. Once on the road we called Joseph, a friend of ours who we knew was living near Boulder. He invited us over and made us scrambled eggs with toast. We caught up on old times and watched the weather channel to look at the forecast. Before leaving Boulder Chris called Robin, a friend he planned on visiting in Colorado Springs, and after she invited us to come by we left Joseph's and were on our way further south. At this point we still had no plans as to where we would sleep that night, and were even contemplating driving all night to Santa Fe New Mexico to do some more climbing before going home.

We met up with Robin and her dad insisted that we stay at their house when he heard that we didn't really have any plans. He and his wife were really going out of their way to make us feel comforatable. We drank lot's of free beer and ate all the free food we wanted. I mentioned to Chris that we would not be able to leave in the morning without first eating a pancake breakfast. Then we got the house tour from her dad, and he showed us down to the basement were we would be sleeping. It was nice, he had a home-theatre system set up down there, nice couches and a bar. Then he told us a complicated and frightening joke. I remember it had something to do with two traveling salesmen who's car had broken down at night on a country road in the pouring rain. They walked until they found a farm. The farmer let them stay the night, and one of the salesmen slept with the farmer's daughter. Then the "joke" got really complicated, and I just kept smiling and nodding before realizing what this man was telling us. The point of the story became clear when he began to explain how good of a shot he was with his 9mm handgun. After some awkward laughter he left the three of us downstairs pondering our probability of surviving the night (which seemed good as long as we did not speak to either of his daughters). We nervously joked about it for a while, and then began to get sleepy from all the food and beer. After finding a nice spot on the floor I unrolled my air mattress and sleeping bag and crawled into bed.

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