Friday, June 6, 2008

To The Tetons: Days 1 & 2

Day 1, Sunday 5/18:

Woke up after three hours of sleep (got in late from Radiohead). Packed car and left about 9. Stopped at Las Palapas on way past Boerne. Shaun shows us how we can play Punch Out (the old NES game) on his mac, LET THE GAMES BEGIN! Chris drove through nearly all of Texas, then Shaun drove from there through nearly all of Colorado, then I drove the rest of the way after drinking a Monster at a stop in Fort Collins. I had the night shift. Struggled to stay awake until the Monster kicked in, then I was bouncing all over the front seat. I listened to my iPod through headphones as the guys slept. Watched the moon carve it's way through the stars as I drove through the vast rolling hills of Wyoming. Listening to In Rainbows. Having my own private Radiohead concert. Amazing. 

Day 2, Monday 5/19:

The sun rose behind us. Began to see some snowy peaks in the distance, everyone is awake and excited! We stop for some gas and I drank some horrible gas station coffee... I thought "Mountain Brew" would be appropriate, well, BIG MISTAKE. We drove through the continental divide and stopped to take pics of our first glimpse of the Tetons(pic). Snow is on the ground everywhere. We drove to the park visitors center and decided to camp at Phelp's lake the first night. The road to the Phelps lake trail is closed due to wildlife management (the sign has a large bear symbol), this extends our hike in by a full mile. Hiking in snow is not fun, very tiring. The trail steadily climbs through the woods. Very difficult hike due to gradual change in elevation (and the fact that we have been sitting in the car for 24 hours). Finally reach the overlook, hike down to campsite . Passed a waterfall and have a good view of Death Canyon. First night camping, right on the lake (kinda cold). There is a very cool rock with a nice view about 1/4 mile from campsite. We are alone in the wilderness.

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